Pitney Bowes Inc.

"Malone Environmental, Inc. is uniquely positioned to provide expert and responsive consultation services in environmental system design and in program implementation, as well as in interpreting state and federal regulations. The firm has demonstrated its capabilities in understanding the customer needs and fast tracking those needs into viable, thorough, and cost-effective solutions using the regulations and best available technologies. Malone Environmental, Inc. is one of those firms you want to have at the top of your phone list when you need honest, prompt, and detailed assistance with environmental issues."

Don Offinger
Environmental Health & Safety Program Manager
Pitney Bowes, Inc.


"Unilever has utilized Malone's services for many years. They have assisted us on a wide variety of projects including stormwater, SPCC, and wastewater permits and wastewater treatment system design. Malone has also prepared operating manuals for our wastewater treatment systems. I have been so satisfied with their professional level of service that I have personally recommended Malone Environmental to other businesses."

Steven P. Leeper
Facilities Supervisor
Trumbull, Connecticut