Emhart Fastening Teknologies

Emhart Fastening Teknologies, A Black & Decker company, experienced high energy cost associated with a wastewater evaporator.

Customized System Design

MEI Engineers identified an alternative treatment system for this difficult to treat wastewater. They proposed and installed an ultrafiltration system, which resulted in a precipitous drop in usage of natural gas, thereby reducing costs.


"For more than ten years, Malone has provided innovative solutions for our environmental issues. The service from Malone Environmental is friendly and responsive with Kevin's personal attention to all of our needs. Malone has found ways to reduce our wastewater treatment expenses while maintaining our compliance with environmental regulations"

James B. Alekshun
Safety, Environmental, Plant Engineer
Emhart Fastening Teknologies
Division of Black & Decker Corp.
Danbury, CT